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PayGlobel Bring Ultimate ,Unique & Secure Solutions For Your Payments

You can send & receive money from/to many wallets and payment processorss, such as PayPal, Skrill and many other options, and our wallet allows for easy Peer-to-Peer payments within a wallet and is the ideal solution if you are looking to make regular payments.You can also use virtual Visa/MasterCard to make payments globally this service is free of cost and avalaible for all PayGlobel Users.

And even if you couldn't find your payment solution yet you can customize it with us *each solution is subject to aproval by PayGlobel Team.

# TopUp Method Availability/Limit Fees
1 Visa/Master Instant/900$ per 24hr 2%
2 PayPal Instant/No Limit 0%
3 Skrill Instant/No Limit 0%
4 Payza Instant/500$ Per 24hrs 0%
5 PerfectMoney Instant/No Limit 0%
6 WebMoney Instant/500$ Per 24hrs 0%
7 Bitcoin 1-2hrs/No Limit 0%
8 Pay & Agent Instant/No Limit 0%
9 Custom Request Depends on request *UK
# Send Method Processing/Limit Fees
1 To PayGlobel Instant/No Limit 1%
2 Visa/Mastercard 1-2hrs/No Limit 2%
3 PayPal Instant/No Limit 8%
4 Skrill Instant/No Limit 6%
5 PerfectMoney Instant/No Limit 8%
6 Bitcoin(From USD Balance) Instant/No Limit 10%
7 Wester Union 1-2hrs/No Limit 10%
8 Payza Instant/No Limit 6%
9 Custom Request Depends on request *UK
# Withdraw Method Processing/Limit Fees
1 Bank Transfer 1-2hrs/No Limit 5%
2 PayPal 1-2hrs/No Limit 8%
3 Skrill Instant/No Limit 5%
4 Visa/MasterCard 1-2hrs/No Limit 2%
5 Custom Request Depends on request *UK
# Receiving Method Processing/Limit Fees
1 From PayGlobel Instant/No Limit 0%
2 Visa 1-2hrs/No Limit 0%
3 To DC/Bank 1-2hrs/No Limit 0%
4 Bitcoin 1-2hrs/No Limit 0%
5 Custom Request Depends on request *UK

Easy Made Payments

Dedicated Bank Accounts

Provide your clients your own USD Account in USA to receive payments, and get paid as easily as having a local bank account!
Get a EUR/SEPA account to receive payments from your customers/clients in europe or withdraw your funds from online merchents or european companies.
Your own deticated bank in UK to receive payments from all around UK in GBP.

Customize Solution

You can use our multiple payment gateways to receive payments such as for PayPal, Skrill, Credit Card, or for many online payment Wallets you can use our service, the limits subject to approval by our team.
You can Receive Direct Payments From Person To Person or Business To Business Payments via our Local Bank of your person or business.
Exchange and transfer crypto payments and use our API to receive crypto payments from your web stores.

Reasons To Choice PayGlobel

  1. Your All Funds Are Secure In One Place & Have Growth every 24hrs, as all your funds are protected by leading Modren 4G Banking to proivde you most reliable service ever you use.
  2. We Are Leader In Exchange Network & Provide Most Lowest Exchange Service, So You Can Exchange Your Funds In Our Many Availbale Payment Options In Our System.
  3. We Provide 24hrs Live Phone, Email & Chat Support So You Can Reach Us Any Time, We Are Always Available To Discover You A Unique & Reliable Service.
  4. We Offer A Free Visa/Master Card To Our Users, So Your Funds Are Always In Your Hands To Use Them Online Or Cash Our From Visa/MasterCard Accepted ATM's All Around The World.
  5. We May Offer A Customize Payment Solution For You Even If It's Currently Not Available In Our System.

Key Products

PayGlobel Prepaid MasterCard

A Unique Way To Get Paid

The PayGlobel card is a reloadable, instant issue Prepaid MasterCard® card. It pretty much works like any other MasterCard card but being prepaid means that you cannot spend more money than those you have available on your PayGlobel Account.

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