The 4G Modren Banking

4 years in service

About us

PayGlobel is a key project of GlobelMoney Group - and GlobelMoney Group is founded in 2014 with the first project name (GlobelMoney - Gain The Money Solutions) after 4 years of success in market the group decide to launch the 2nd project by the name (PayGlobel) to provide all the remaining services which we promise to provide in first project and we couldn't, GlobelMoney Group also find a GlobelBank - and aim to provide 4G Modern Banking the GlobelBank project is on final stage and group expect to launch worldwide in the middle of 2018. GlobelMoney Group Mission is Provide the all solutions for money, we strive to continue to be an outstanding worldwide money transfer, exchanging company, banking and we are leading the market in providing an excellent service or rates.