Do you know your money have growth power in PayGlobel Account?? NO Let us explain you..

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PayGlobel Visa

GlobelMoney Group is in market from 2014 and due to capital issue we had launch a initial release of an investment program in 2016 to cover the capital need as from 2 years now our program is working and our 1600+ initial program members are getting up to 0.50% of profit from their funds every day

The most unique thing about this program is it's terms and condition free means there is no contract and no hold you can withdraw and send your funds whenever you want after the successful operation of this program GlobelMoney Group decide to launch it officially in the key project of PayGlobel. Your all available balance in account have growth up to 0.50% everyday so no need to looking any money-making methods or best saving options, most important it's contract and terms free and always available for use and withdrawals.

Let us explain you how you can join the revolution!


If you don't have an account you can sign up following this link


  • Add money to your PayGlobel Account with our many payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin

  • And just Wow!!! You are part of the 4G revolution everyday you will receive your profit in your PayGlobel Account and you will also get notified via email everyday upon receiving your profit. Pease not that your funds are withdrawable any time, or you can send to anyone anytime we have no terms or hold on your funds.


  • Example : If You add 1000$ in to your PayGlobel Account 1000$ + 0.50% everyday which is going to be = around 1200$ after 30 days . 5000$ + 0.50% everyday which is going to be = around 6000$ after 30 days


      If you have any specific question you can send an email to our related department [email protected]